I have been with Los Associates for seven years and I am so pleased with the service I have received. I was referred to Los by four of my colleagues/friends who were also retiring. Word of mouth is the best advertisement you can get. I liked the fact that Los and Associates were able to give me comparisons on several Supplemental Plans so that I could make a decision that suited my needs.

Roseann M.

The company is great! Great information, great service, Eric is wonderful, honest,and sincere. I highly recommend them!

Carol M.

I would really like to give you a great review and I think you do a great job, I refer people to you whenever I can. I believe you've gotten at least 4 clients on my recommendation.


Very pleased with Eric and his staff. They are very informative and thoughtful of all our insurance needs.

Brian S.

I have known the owner of this company for a long time, his commitment to honest business practices is unmatched in the industry. Eric goes above and beyond at every opportunity to make sure all of his clients' needs are met, usually helping them save money in the process. I am happy I was introduced to his company and I'm glad they are part of my family's life today.

Jay B.

Great company and really great staff

Diane O.

Answers questions honestly, keeps in touch.

Kate L.

2018 was the year that I was introduced to Los & Associates for my husband was transiting to MEDICARE from his company's health insurance. We have always been grateful that we spoke with the company as they handled our complicated medical histories with ease and matched us with the Best and most Viable choices at that time, allowing us to concentrate on getting and staying well. They have been ACES!

Frances B.

Really good folks! Trustworthy information and great service!

Mark M.

Eric is fantastic. He helped me tremendously and understood my needs.

Elizabeth D.

Eric is very detailed, professional, and courteous in his work and is going to go the extra mile to make sure the right health plan is chosen for you. This company isn’t just going to select a plan that best lines up with their interests but best matches up with what you are looking for and they make sure every detail is covered. If plans change they let you know. They are on it and I would highly recommend them!

Emelio G.

Very helpful and knowledgeable. Always looks out for the customer

George B.

I know the owner personally and he truly wants to help people and is very trustworthy!

Alaina D.

My wife and I highly recommend Los & Associates as an exceptional independent Insurance Agency. We have had the pleasure of working with Eric Andriechack and the Los & Associates for almost 14 years. Our experience has shown that Eric and his team consistently demonstrates professionalism, expertise, and dedication to their clients. They are very knowledgeable in a variety of insurance products and policies and take time to listen to clients' needs, assess unique situations and then come up with a cost-effective solution. If ever necessary, Eric advocates for his clients with insurance companies to resolve any rare issues. Eric's dedication to customer satisfaction and providing competitive price for his clients make Los & Associates exceptional. We highly recommend Los & Associates for your insurance needs.

Mike and Linda M.

We were referred through a family member when my husband and I went on Medicare 5 years ago and were "clueless" as to what to get as far as additional coverage now that we were officially seniors in every sense of the word. Los & Associates were wonderful from that very first day and continue to be every year since-- when I call them to make sure we still have the very best coverage for both of our personal needs. We trust them 100 percent knowing they have our very best interests in mind.

Mary Carol H.

Los and Associates is wonderful to deal with when choosing the best insurance plan. Eric’s insurance knowledge is outstanding. Eric does an excellent job researching your doctors and all your medications. He can then advise you which plan would work the best and he can answer all your questions and concerns.

Karen C.

Eric I want to let you know how happy and satisfied I am with the care and help you have given me over the years and for advising me on choice of health insurance. It gets really involved as one ages, retires, and has Medicare. I can say that my experience first with Bernie Los, and now you , has been informative and caring. I know, and my experience has been, that the advice given is trustworthy.

Linda M.

I have been a client of Los and Associates since 2015. Prior to that time, I had been attending health seminars, reading about health plans, and trying to select a health care plan in a “Do It Yourself” way. When I went to seminars, the presenters were selling THEIR plan and did not discuss alternatives. When I joined with Los and Associates, without obligation, I was able to sort through all of the options available. Whether it was an advantage plan, a supplemental plan that is sometimes called a Medigap plan, or the Affordable Care Act (ACA) that is sometimes called Obama care. The terminology can be daunting, and Los and Associates helped me immensely in clearing up the alphabet soup of the health care plans. They were also able to provide direction on the best drug prescription plan for me based on the meds that I require. Bottom line, Los and Associates, an independent insurance agency, has been invaluable to me in choosing a healthcare plan. Their services are offered without a fee while keeping my premiums low and maximizing my coverage. I would highly recommend them as an agency of choice as I have also referred them to many of my friends.

Charlie Y.

I have done business with Los & Associates for over 10 years and have been very happy with the service, all my issues have been resolved fast and I have recommended people to them over the years.

Russ O.

I've been very happy with what you all have helped me with over the years. Great advice and guidance for Medicare supplemental insurance. Manageable premiums. Always kind and available to answer questions. I'm very appreciative.

Adrianne P.